DC Mobile Presets

Designed for the free Lightroom mobile app.
Easily enhance your everyday photos, right on your smartphone

Create Beautiful, Shareworthy Images in just a Few Taps.

For years, DC Presets have transformed the images of tens of thousands of photographers. Now, we’re making them available to anyone with a smartphone!
Whether you’re a mom, an influencer, a dog with an Instagram account, or a photographer who wants a quicker way to edit everyday shots, DC Presets help you create cohesive, beautiful photos you can’t wait to share.
Plus, they’re designed to be used with the free Lightroom mobile app – no subscription required!

Lightroom mobile presets for effortless editing on the go

Get the look of our popular desktop presets from the convenience of your smartphone.

DC Mobile Presets Pack 1: Natural, Earthy, True to Life

Our first-ever mobile preset collection features a natural and true-to-life edit, complete with creamy golden skin, earthy greens, dreamy blues, and a pop of contrast.

DC Mobile Presets Pack 2: Retro, Colorful, Warm

Recreate that retro, film-like feeling with rich, warm colors and a slightly experimental vibe.


DC Mobile Presets Pack 3: Subtle, Artistic, Grainy

Designed to give you that understated and editorial look, these muted tones pair with grain for a hint of nostalgia.


How Do DC Mobile Presets work?

1. Receive instant access to your preset downloads, installation video, and editing tutorial video.
2.. Watch the installation guide to import the presets into your Lightroom mobile app
3. Start quickly and easily editing your photos, right on your smartphone!


Professional DC Presets style meets simple smartphone functionality

Designed and used by wedding and couple photographer Dawn Charles (that’s me!)

Easily edit in just a tap or two, or customize to fit your style

Create photos you can’t wait to share and develop a beautiful, cohesive Instagram grid

What’s included in the collection?

12 tried-and-tested presets for the free Lightroom mobile app

10 color presets and 2 black-and-white presets

Detailed installation video to get the presets on your phone

Editing tutorial video to show you how to apply and adjust each preset


A smartphone with the FREE Lightroom mobile app (no subscription necessary!)

Have a question?

How do I install DC Mobile Presets?
As soon as you purchase the presets, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your files on either your phone or your computer. If you’re downloading to your phone, save the ZIP file to your notes and access it from there. Inside the file, you’ll find an instruction video to walk you through how to import the presets into your app and start editing your photos! Need more help? Check out our full DC Mobile Presets installation guide here.

Are DC Mobile Presets different from the desktop presets?
Yes; while both are similar in style, our mobile presets have been created specifically for phone and JPEG files, so the settings are much different than the desktop presets.

Do I need a Lightroom subscription to use DC Mobile Presets?
Nope, there’s no subscription required! You can install DC Mobile Presets straight to the free Lightroom app on your phone.

Give your everyday images a little more love with DC Mobile Presets.