DC Presets for Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw

Easy and timeless desktop presets for the modern photographer

Natural, Consistent, & Swoon-Worthy Photos in Just a Click or Two

Tired of editing for hours and still not getting the look you want? Fed up with presets that make your images look nothing like real life? Meet DC Presets, your new editing BFF.

With natural skin tones, creamy highlights, rich blacks, and lush greens, these preset collections are loved by thousands of photographers and have been tested for all kinds of gear, lighting situations, scenery, and skin colors.

Now, you can spend less time editing and more time dreaming, adventuring, and – let’s be real – catching up on Netflix.


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Lightroom & ACR Presets for Modern Photographers

Find your new go-to or mix and match within each collection for a look you’ll love every time.

Pack 1: Clean, Crisp, Bold


Our original DC Presets collection, featuring clean whites, rich blacks, and natural tones. Say hello to creamy skin, earthy greens, and an extra pop of contrast.


Pack 2: Warm, Nostalgic, Retro


This filmy collection includes muted highlights, light grain, a touch of warmth, and teal blues. Designed for all the moments that deserve to look as golden as they feel.


Pack 3: Earthy, Golden, Effortless


This popular collection includes natural colors with a hint of warmth, lush greens, golden skin tones, clean whites and rich blacks.

Pack 4: Versatile, Classic, Nostalgic


This ethereal and timeless pack is our most versatile pack yet. It works seamlessly on everything from outdoor adventures, to classic portraits, to studio and brand work. With clean whites, natural skin tones, and beautiful grain for that hint of filmy nostalgia and edits that will never go out of style.


“These presets are giving me the look I've been dreaming of.” 

”I've purchased an unholy amount of presets over the past couple years, searching for the look I've hoped my photos could achieve. I've come close with other presets, but have never been quite satisfied with how my edits turned out. So, I've been eyeballing your presets for a while, and I CANNOT STOP EDITING now that I have them. I mean, I'm going back years on my catalogs and re-editing photos because these presets are giving me the look I've been dreaming of. They're just perfect. “



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