earthy, warm, nostalgic

Muted highlights, some grain, and a little warmth.
Dreamy blues, golden skin, earthy greens.

This pack includes 6 color presets, 2 black and white presets, and an editing tutorial.
All created to be used on any gear and lighting situation.


watch me edit!

I gathered images from dozens of photographers, with a wide array of gear, shot in various lighting and scenery, and edited them al
l in just the basic panel. See how versatile and easy to use these are in the video below!


one click before and afters!

these are literally one click, with no adjustments,
so you can see how the presets really work!

DC Presets Pack Two
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DC Presets Pack Two

Includes 6 color presets, 2 black and white presets, and an editing tutorial.
Compatible with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.

Released January 2019

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helpful tips!


Included with this pack is an editing tutorial, where I share my screen and show my workflow, how I edit each image using these presets, troubleshooting any problems that may arise - like adjusting greens, correcting skin tones, enhancing the image with brushes, etc.! I recommend watching this before you start editing!

For reference, I shoot with a Mark III and Mark IV in RAW format, and typically underexpose a tiny bit, and shoot in AWB with a WB shift of A2, G2. (Curious on what that means? I teach ALL about it, and how to shoot for the best editing results in The Complete Guide to Camera Settings)


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