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For anyone with a smart phone.

Moms, lifestyle bloggers, adventure enthusiasts, your dog with an instagram account, your uncle who wants cool photos of his car but has no idea what instagram is.
For years, DC Presets have transformed the images of tens of thousands of photographers, and I’m so excited to finally make them available to anyone and everyone from the convenience of your cell phone!


A peak at what’s inside…


DCM Pack 01 includes:

10 color presets
2 black and white presets
an installation & editing tutorial

DCM Pack 01
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Bundle with the desktop presets and save $13!

Desktop (Pack One) + Mobile Bundle
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Desktop (Pack Two) + Mobile Bundle
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How do I install them?

Upon purchase of the presets, you’ll receive an email with a download link. Just download it either to your phone or computer. If you’re downloading to your phone, save the zip file to your notes and access it from there. Inside, you’ll find instructions to import the presets into your app, and start editing your photos! Need more help? CLICK HERE

Are they different from the desktop presets?

Yes. While similar in style, these presets have been created specifically for phone and jpeg files so the settings are much different than the desktop presets.

Do I need a Lightroom subscription to use them?

Nope! No subscription required! You can install them straight to the free app on your phone!


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