Custom Preset Creation

One-of-a-kind, custom presets, created just for you!


A personalized service that takes your inspiration and unique style to create a one-of-a-kind preset for you and only you.


For anyone who wants to streamline their editing, needs help achieving a specific look, or craves a style that’s like none other!


The Process


1. Pick a starting date.
Find an available time on the calendar below. This date marks the start of your project.

2. Answer questionnaire and complete payment.
To reserve your project spot, a questionnaire and payment are required. This detailed questionnaire will provide me with the information I need to start on your project.

3. Grab a glass of wine, go on vacation, sleep in…
Just sit back and relax while a custom preset is created for you! You’ll hear from me soon after your project begins with any questions and updates I have!

4. Tell me what you love, and what you don’t.
Once you receive your first round of edits, I welcome your honest feedback and request for changes. You’ll receive an update with the requested changes and have a chance for one more round of revisions.

5. Start editing!
Once the preset is perfect for you, I’ll email you the preset file for you to start using! Then edit your little heart out!

Project time varies. Please allow up to two weeks from your project date for your final preset to be complete.


Real Clients


“Wow lemme tell you if you don’t use DC presets you’re missing out! I’ve been using all of hers since she started selling them and I’ve been obsessed with them all! As she continues to grow her editing skills just kept getting better! Once I purchased her presets they were pretty close to one clicks but we all have our particular style and there was a few things I wish I could fix but couldn’t figure out! Once she came out with making custom presets I told her what I loved about her new presets and her old ones and told her a few things I don’t love she combined that and made me the perfect preset! So thankful that she goes above and beyond for other photographers and tries to help them out!”

- Vera Gayazov


Vera came to me wanting a mix between DC 1 from Pack One (image below, left) and DC 2.2 from Pack Two (below, right).
She loved the deep blacks and bright whites of Pack One, but wanted the warm skin and lush greens in Pack Two.

round one previews-3.jpg
round one previews-2.jpg

I worked to combine her favorite parts of each and create a preset with true colors, bright clean whites, rich blacks, warm creamy skin, and lush greens.

Here’s the final result!


Your brand is unique, your editing should be too.

Ready to do this?

Calendar opens 9/20/2019. Limited spots available.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have DC Presets to have a custom preset created?
Nope! But I will use DC Presets as a base for the preset.

How long does the process take?
It varies from project to project, depending on scheduling and revisions. It can take anywhere from a couple days to two weeks.

What if I use presets created by another photographer?
That’s fine! You can show me your edited photos as examples and tell me what you like and don’t like. However, I won’t use their preset when I create yours.

What if I want more than just two rounds of revisions?
It’s unlikely that you’ll need more than two rounds, but additional revisions can be added at $75 per round.

Can I distribute this preset to friends or sell it to other photographers?
Absolutely not. Just like that is illegal when you purchase standard presets, the same applies here. In the same way that a wedding client can’t profit off of the images you provide for them. When you book your project, please take a minute to read over the terms and conditions that you’re agreeing to.

Will you ever sell my preset to another photographer?
Nope! That’s the beauty of custom creation! While others may have similar requests and preferences, all presets will be unique to each client. Your preset is for you and you alone!

More questions before you book? Email me at